MoEngage is an Intelligent Customer Engagement Platform. We allow brands to personalize every customer interaction and drive better engagement, retention, loyalty and lifetime value.

Enable the Integrations

  1. Set up a MoEngage feed configuration in mParticle in order to generate API key/secret values.
  2. Follow MoEngage’s configuration steps to configure the integration in your MoEngage account.

Supported Event Types

MoEngage will send events from Email, SMS, Connecter, Flows and User Added to control group channels to mParticle as Custom Events with:

  • Custom Event Type - other
  • Custom Event Name - MoEngage event_name
  • Custom Event Attributes - All MoEngage event metadata will be sent to mParticle as custom event attributes.

For additional details of fields, see the MoEngage Stream glossary

Event Attributes Description
app_id app_id of the app
b_id batch_id of the request
campaign_channel Channel of moengage campaign like push, email etc.
campaign_id Campaign Identifiers of the moengage campaign
campaign_name Name of the moengage campaign
campaign_type Type of moengage campaign like periodic, smart trigger etc.
delivery_status Status code of the SMS delivery failure
event_code System name of the event
event_source Origin system of event data
from_appOpen When push notification is shown due to push amplification after app open
gcm_action_id Id of the action button on which the user tapped
mobile_number Mobile Number to which the SMS was delivered
moe_c_pid Parent campaign_id of periodic campaign
moe_campaign_channel Channel of moengage campaign like push, email etc.
moe_campaign_tags Additional campaign tags specified for the campaign
moe_control_group_type Type of control group
moe_delivery_type Delivery type of campaign like ASAP / Scheduled / Event Triggered
moe_f_pid Flow id of the flow campaign from where the email was triggered
moe_f_pname Flow id of the flow campaign from where the message was triggered
moe_first_visit Denotes if this was the first session of the user
moe_locale_id Locale identifier if the campaign had multiple locales
moe_locale_name Locale name if the campaign had multiple locales
moe_logged_in_status Denotes if the user was logged-in while performing this event
moe_variation_id Variation id if the campaign had multiple message variations
ns sent time of the notification
platform Platform of the user
shownOffline If the push notification is pre-fetched for showing offline at a pre-defined time
source Souce of push notification delivery like FCM or MoEngage Push Amplification
template_name template used to send notification
Type Type of campaign
u_em Email Id to which the email sending was attempted
url Variation id if the campaign had multiple message variations
widget_id Widget_id of the template on which the user clicked

Supported User Information

User Identities

MoEngage will send the following user identities to mParticle:

Email MPID Customer ID Mobile Number MoEngage Partner Identity - moe_anonymous_id

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