Customer.io provides a marketing automation platform for email, SMS, push messaging, and more. Features include app-event based segmentation and targeting.

Supported Features

  • Event Forwarding
  • Audience Forwarding
  • Email Marketing
  • User Opt-Out


In order to enable mParticle’s integration with Customer.io, you will need the Site ID and API Key of your Customer.io account. Both of these can be found on the “Integration” page of your Customer.io console.

Event Data Mapping

mParticle will forward all events logged with the mParticle SDK logEvent or logScreen methods along with their attributes. When forwarding events, mParticle will include the timestamp of the events in JSON data format. When forwarding event names, mParticle trims the leading/trailing spaces and replace spaces with “_”.

User Attribute Mapping

mParticle will only forward event and user data to Customer.io for users that have a valid customer id (MPUserIdentityCustomerId) or an email (MPUserIdentityEmail) defined. When forwarding user data, mParticle primarly uses MPUserIdentityCustomerId as the Customer.io user_id. If CustomerId is not defined, mParticle uses the email address instead. mParticle always forwards users’ $FirstName, and $LastName, and will optionally forward all user attributes if the configuration parameter “Include ALL user attributes?” is enabled.

User Opt-out

Please note that users who opt out of event tracking via mParticle’s optOut (in iOS) or setOptOut SDK methods will be unsubscribed from email communications in Customer.io, but their user profiles will remain in Customer.io.

Configuration Settings

Setting Name Data Type Default Value Description
API Key string The API Key of your Customer.io account. You can find it on the “Integration” page of your Customer.io console.
Site ID string The Site ID of your Customer.io account. You can find this ID on the “Integration” page of your Customer.io console.
User ID Type string Prefer Customer ID to Email This determines how the Customer.io user ID is set. Users missing the select ID cannot be forwarded. Note: ‘Prefer Customer ID to Email’ should only be used if users will not have customer IDs assigned after email. If that is selected and a user has a customer ID assigned after an email, duplicate Customer.io profiles might be created.
Region string US Specify which Customer.io site your credentials belong to

Connection Settings

Setting Name Data Type Default Value Platform Description
Include user attributes bool True All If enabled, mParticle will forward all user attributes to Customer.io. If disabled, mParticle will just send the users’ first and last names (so that they can be properly addressed in email campaigns).
Send User’s Created At bool False All If enabled, mParticle will forward a value for user’s created_at field (the UNIX timestamp from when the user was created in the system). This value is first configured when a user opens up the application that contains mParticle’s SDK and it doesn’t change over time. It is device-specific, which means that the value will be constant among the same device type (eg. multiple Android devices) for the same user. Each device will have the same email and customer id, but the field will differ across different device types (Android, iOS, MobileWeb, AlexaOS, etc…). The created_at field will overwrite based on whatever device was last seen. Meaning that a user with multiple devices will take the created_at value of whatever the most recent device is.

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