Facebook Offline Conversions


This integration supports forwarding commerce events to Facebook’s Offline Conversions API.

Note: This integration is intended only to forward commerce events occurring outside of your app, which have been uploaded to mParticle via a custom feed. Data from your app platforms should be forwarded to Facebook via the main Facebook event integration.


To use this feed you must be receiving commerce events from an “unbound” feed that you want to forward to Facebook. Learn more about unbound vs. “act-as” feeds here.

Follow Facebook’s instructions to:

  • add Facebook Business Manager.
  • create an App ID.
  • obtain an access token with ads_management access.
  • and create an Offline Event Set.

Data mapping

Event names

mParticle maps Commerce events to Facebook’s Offline Conversion Events according to the product action, as follows:

mParticle product action Facebook event_name value
Add to Cart "AddToCart"
Add to Wishlist "AddToWishList"
Checkout "Checkout"
Purchase "Purchase"
View Detail "ViewContent"

Match keys

Events are matched to Facebook users via match keys, forwarded to Facebook as hashed values. Hashes of the following identities are used as match keys, if available:

  • Email
  • Apple Advertising ID
  • Google Advertising ID

Hashes of the following reserved user attributes are also forwarded as match keys if present:

  • Gender
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • City
  • Country

Other attributes

Facebook Attribute mParticle mapping
contents Derived from the event’s products array
value, if set. Otherwise, calculated by summing the price of all products in the products array.
custom_data A JSON dictionary of any custom attributes of the event.

Configuration Settings

Setting Name Data Type Default Value Description
System User Admin Access Token string The Access Token generated for the System User Admin of the offline event set.

Connection Settings

Setting Name Data Type Default Value Description
Offline Event Set Id string ID of the offline event set
Send CCPA Limited Data Use enum Never When should mParticle send the CCPA limited data use flag to Facebook. Note: the flag can only be sent for batches with country and state user attributes defined.
Email Type enum Email Required. The mParticle User Identity type to forward as an Email to Facebook. The email user identity will be hashed before forwarding to Facebook, other user identities selected from this dropdown will not be hashed prior to forwarding.

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