Snap is a camera company whose flagship application Snapchat, the Spectacles product, and a variety of publisher tools provide brands a unique platform to reach targeted audience segments with engaging and personalized content.

The Snapchat Event Integration is supported for the iOS and Android platforms.


To enable the Snapchat Event Integration for iOS you will need your Apple App ID. Although you do not need any Snapchat-specific credentials, you should contact your Snapchat Account Manager to discuss setting up this integration.

Supported Identifiers

Snapchat does not allow raw device IDs to be uploaded. mParticle forwards a unique hash value for each device from the IDFA (iOS) or Google Advertising ID (Android). Data without a device identifier will not be forwarded.

Supported Events

  • Application State Transition
  • Attribution Events
  • Commerce Events
  • Custom Event
  • Screen View

Event Mappings

mParticle supports standard event mappings for the following Snapchat event types:

Snapchat Event mParticle Event
APP_INSTALL Application State Transition with type is_first_run
PURCHASE Commerce event with purchase or refund action. Refund will generate an event with a negative total_amount.
START_CHECKOUT Commerce event with checkout action.
ADD_CART Commerce event with add_to_cart action.
VIEW_CONTENT Commerce event with view_detail action.
APP_OPEN Application State Transition with type foreground
PAGE_VIEW Screen View

Custom Mappings

In addition to the above defaults, you can also create Custom Mappings for the following Snapchat events:

  • SAVE

Connection Settings

Setting Name Data Type Default Value Platform Description
Apple App Id string iOS Apple App Id

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