Narrative enables companies to fuel their data strategies and enrich their 1st party data through automation software and a transparent marketplace.

  • Stream of data, enables enrichment across all your platforms.
  • Fully-transparent and complete control over data sources and attributes .
  • Data at individual record and source level ; no segments.
  • Turnkey from data discovery to activation; fully standardized across data sets.
  • Flexible pricing; buy once, use as much as needed across any/all applications, from internal modeling to media activation.


Enabling the Audience Integration

To set up the Narrative integration, you will need your API Key, provided by Narrative.

Overall steps for enabling data flow between mParticle and Narrative

  1. Initial setup within mParticle

    1. Narrative provides Client w API Key.
    2. Client identifies or creates audience to enrich.
  2. Push to Narrative

    1. Client initiates audience push to Narrative.
    2. Audience is queued up on mParticle end and pushed to Narrative.
  3. Narrative data enrichment

    1. Narrative ingests audience and conducts desired data enrichment.
    2. Client identifies data to license and sets business rules.
    3. Client activates data license and IDs are enriched.
  4. Push to mParticle

    1. Client selects Feed Integration within mParticle directory.
    2. Client implements keys/secret keys in mParticle.
    3. Client creates new attributes against data being licensed.
    4. Narrative initiates sending enriched IDs back to mParticle (1-off or ongoing basis).
  5. Activation from mParticle

    1. Client builds new audiences based on new attributes.
    2. Client adds new attributes to existing audiences.

Supported IDs

Device IDs

  • Android ID
  • GAID (Google Advertising ID)
  • Google Cloud Messaging Token
  • IDFV (iOS Vendor ID)
  • IDFA (iOS Advertising ID)
  • Apple Push Notification Token

User IDs

  • Email (in SHA256, SHA1 and MD5) - note that email values will be forwarded only if Send Email is checked in the Configuration Settings.
  • Customer ID
  • Facebook ID
  • Google ID
  • Microsoft ID
  • Twitter ID
  • Yahoo ID
  • Other

Configuration Settings

Setting Name Data Type Default Value Description
API Key string API Key as provided by Narrative
Send Email bool false If enabled email user identities will be forwarded.

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