Airship provides push messaging services, including segmentation and targeting capabilities.

Input Data Details

The following types of data can be configured to be sent from Airship to mParticle

  • Control
  • In-App Message Display
  • In-App Message Resolution
  • In-App Message Expiration
  • Open
  • Rich Delivery
  • Rich Read
  • Rich Delete
  • Region
  • Send
  • Tag Change (note that tags are mapped to user attributes, and forwarded to mParticle as a batch containing no events)
  • Uninstall
  • Web Click

Each event type you wish to send needs to be enabled in Airship:

Airship Event Mapping

The Airship field mapping referred to in the table below can be found in the Airship Connect Schema, found at:

Airship data is mapped as follows:

Airship Field mParticle Mapping Description
type Event Type = Custom Event
Custom Event Type = Other
Event Name = type
where type is:
Event Type = Uninstall Event, when type is UNINSTALL
Event Type
occurred timestamp_unixtime_ms Unix timestamp in milliseconds
os_channel for iOS
android_channel or amazon_channel for Android
Platform Channel Identifier
named_user_id Customer ID User Identity Customer ID
com.urbanairship.idfa iOS Advertising ID IDFA
com.urbanairship.vendor IDFV IDFV
com.urbanairship.aaid Android Advertising ID Android Advertising ID
com.urbanairship.limited_ad_tracking_enabled LimitAdTracking Indicates if the user has enabled limit ad tracking
app_package_name Package Name A unique identifier for the app name
app_version Application Version The version of the application
device_model Device Model The device model
device_os OS Version The device operating system
carrier Network Carrier The carrier of the device
Tags User Attributes Airship tags are sorted into groups. mParticle creates a user attribute list for each tag group. The key is prefixed with Airship. For example, a tag group loyalty, containing tags silver_member and special_offers would be mapped as: "Airship loyalty" : ["silver_member", "special_offers"].

Any additional fields provided by Airship with each event, are mapped to mParticle custom event attributes. The key for the attribute will be the full path in dot notation, as it appears in Airship’s schema. For example "body.campaigns.categories"


Information about configuring the Airship output for mParticle can be found at the Airship Partner Integrations documents.

You will need to work with your Airship Account Manager to setup the Airship to mParticle Feed.

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