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Authorize the Integration

Log in to your TikTok Ads Manager platform with your advertiser account.

Only TikTok Advertiser Accounts can utilize the mParticle/TikTok integration. In order for the mParticle-TikTok integration to properly function, confirm that you have the sufficient permission level to authorize the integration. The permission level needs to be Ad Account Operator or Ad Account Admin. The authorization will not work properly if you only have Ad Account Analyst permission.

Activate TikTok

  1. Select Directory, and click the TikTok tile.
  2. Click Add TikTok to Setup.
  3. Select the Output Audience Integration Type and click Configure.
  4. Enter a Configuration Name.
  5. Click Log in - A pop-up window will appear allowing you to enter your account credentials to access your TikTok For Business account.

TikTok Login

  1. Click Confirm to authorize mParticle to access your TikTok For Business account.

TikTok Authorize

  1. Select your Account Advertiser ID and click Save.
  2. You can now connect your audiences to TikTok For Business.

Data Processing Notes

It may take several hours to see data in TikTok’s Ads Manager as audiences take time to fully populate. A connected audience must contain at least 1000 unique users before the audience is reflected within your TikTok account.

Delete / Disconnect an audience

TikTok Ads Manager does not allow audiences used by ad groups to be deleted. Before deleting or disconnecting an audience in mParticle, check your TikTok Ads Manager Account to be sure there are no Ads associated with the audience.

After deleting an audience connection to TikTok in mParticle, it takes approximately 24 hours for this to be reflected in TikTok. Do not reconnect the audience to TikTok in this period, or it will create errors as duplicated entries are sent.

If an audience needs to be resynchronized with TikTok, TikTok recommends creating a copy of the original audience in mParticle and then connecting that.

Supported Identities

Device Identities

  • Apple IDFA (MD5)
  • Google Advertising Identifier (MD5)

User Identities

  • Email (SHA256)
  • mParticle ID (MPID)

Deleting an Audience

mParticle deletes the downstream audience in TikTok when you delete an audience from mParticle.

Note: Deletion will fail if the audience is part of an active campaign in TikTok.


Configuration Settings

Setting Name Data Type Default Value Description
TikTok Account Id string The TikTok Account ID associated with your TikTok Account. Reach out to your TikTok account manager to receive your Account ID.

Connection Settings

Setting Name Data Type Default Value Description
Send Email boolean False If enabled, email user identities will be forwarded

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