Adjust is a business intelligence platform for mobile app marketers, combining attribution for advertising sources with advanced analytics and store statistics.

Supported Features

  • All Adjust features are supported


Setup an account with Adjust at If you will be forwarding custom app events, define the events in the Adjust dashboard to obtain the Adjust event tokens for mapping the events in mParticle to Adjust events.

Data Processing Notes

  • mParticle will only forward events to Adjust if:

  • If the incoming data includes an IP address, that address is forwarded alongside other device information.
  • If you see excess 404 errors with Android devices, you may need to disable the input setting Restrict Device ID by Limit Ad Tracking.
  • If you see 400 errors and you have both server-to-server and client forwarding, you may need to add a correct timestamp and a valid, known advertising ID (IDFA, IDFV for iOS or Google Advertising ID or Android ID for Android) to stop 400 errors caused by a race condition between the two types of forwarding.

Adjust Kit Integration

mParticle’s Adjust integration requires that you add the Adjust kit to your iOS or Android app, and the mParticle SDK will initialize and automatically map mParticle method calls directly onto Adjust method calls. This approach means that every feature of the Adjust SDKs are supported, as if the app had integrated Adjust directly. The source code for each kit is available if you would like to learn exactly how the method mapping occurs:

Add the Adjust Kit to your iOS or Android app. See the Cocoapods and Gradle examples below, and reference the Apple SDK and Android SDK GitHub pages to read more about kits.

//Sample Podfile
target '<Your Target>' do
    pod 'mParticle-Adjust', '~> 6'
//Sample build.gradle
dependencies {
    compile ('com.mparticle:android-adjust-kit:4.+')

Adjust mParticle Configuration

Create an Adjust output configuration:

  1. Select Directory, and click the Adjust tile.
  2. Click Add Adjust to Setup.
  3. Select the Output Event Integration Type and click Add to Setup.
  4. Select the Adjust output configuration group to configure an output event configuration.
  5. Enter a Configuration Name and your Adjust configuration settings and click Save.

Connect inputs to the Adjust output configuration:

  1. Select Connections.
  2. Select the Input for the connection definition.
  3. Click Connect Output.
  4. Select the Adjust configuration.
  5. Enter your Event Tokens - Select the incoming events and define the mapping to the appropriate Adjust event tokens which have been setup in the Adjust dashboard.

Select Adjust

  1. Toggle the Status to Sending.
  2. Click Save.

Configuration Settings

Setting Name Data Type Default Value Description
App Token string The App token is located in the dashboard.

Connection Settings

Setting Name Data Type Default Value Platform Description
Event Tokens Custom Field All Define the mapping from incoming events to the Adjust event token previously setup in your Adjust dashboard.
Revenue Token string All Specify the revenue event token from your Adjust dashboard. This will be used if an event token is not provided for the ‘eCommerce - Purchase’ event
Facebook App Id string Android If defined, the Android SDK will configure the Adjust SDK with the provided Facebook App ID.
Send Partner Params bool false All If enabled, attributes are sent to partner_params as well as callback_params
User Identity Custom Field None All If selected, this user identity will be forwarded to Adjust as a custom parameter called “customer_id”

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