Attractor turns behavioral analytics data and customer qualitative data into conversion rate optimization insights with AI.

mParticle’s Attractor integration supports the Android and iOS platforms.

Supported Features

  • Event Forwarding


To set up the Attractor integration, you will need your Attractor API Key. This is accessible from your Attractor Dashboard at the Account -> Integrations tab.

Supported User Identities

mParticle will forward the following IDs to Attractor if available:

Device IDs

  • Android ID
  • Google Advertising ID (GAID)
  • Google Cloud Messaging Token
  • Apple Advertising ID (IDFA)
  • Apple Vendor ID (IDFV)
  • Apple Push Notification Token

User IDs

  • Customer ID
  • Email
  • Facebook ID
  • Google ID
  • Microsoft ID
  • Twitter ID
  • Yahoo ID
  • Other ID

Data Processing Notes

Attractor will not accept data more than 24 hours old.

Supported Events

  • App Event
  • Application State Transition
  • Attribution
  • eCommerce
  • Error
  • Opt Out
  • Push Subscription
  • Screen View
  • Session Start / End
  • User Attribute Change
  • User Identity Change

Configuration Settings

Setting Name Data Type Default Value Description
Attractor API Token string The token can be found in your Attractor dashboard by clicking the Account -> Integrations tab.

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