Bing Ads Universal Event Tracking (UET) you can create one UET tag and place it across your website, allowing you to collect data for tracking conversion goals and targeting audiences with remarketing lists.

This is a kit-only integration that solely supports client-side data forwarding.

Supported Features

  • Conversion Tracking


In order to enable mParticle’s integration with Bing, you will need your Universal Event Tracking (UET) Tag ID. Follow the steps here to create your UET tag. In the View UET tag tracking code box, your Tag ID will be shown.

Event Data Mapping

At least one of the following fields is required to forward events to Bing:

  • Event Category
  • Event Label
  • Event Value

mParticle maps logged events to Bing’s event structure as follows:

Bing Parameter Description Mapping
ec Event Category event.EventCategory
ea Event Action Set to ‘pageLoad’ or ‘ecommerce’, if logEvent or logPurchaseEvent is called, respectively.
el Event Label event.EventName
ev Event Value Set to the ‘Bing.EventValue’ Custom Flag.
gv Goal Value (Variable Revenue) event.ProductAction.TotalAmount (Only used if logPurchaseEvent is called).

Connection Settings

Setting Name Data Type Default Value Platform Description
Tag ID string Web The ID associated with the Universal Event Tracking (UET) tag.

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