Census is the leading data activation and reverse ETL platform that turns data warehouses into hubs for marketing and business operations, empowering everyone with trustworthy and actionable data.

The Census-mParticle integration makes it easy for customers to send sythentic/custom events from any major data warehouse or database into mParticle.


If you don’t already have a Census account, sign up for a free trial and connect to your data source.

Enable the Integration

  1. In Census, navigate to the Connections page, click Add Service, and select mParticle.
  2. Open the mParticle app in another tab and navigate to Setup > Inputs > Feeds. Click Add Feed Input and select Census from the list.
  3. Once the feed is configured, copy your Key and Secret and return to Census.
  4. In Census, paste your Key and Secret, then select the mParticle Environment you’d like to sync your data to (either production or development).
  5. Click Connect and visit the Syncs page to set up your first sync!

Supported Identity Types

Census supports mapping to all mParticle user and device identity types, including MPID.

Supported Event Types

  • Custom/App Events

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