LaunchDarkly is a feature management platform that empowers development teams to safely deliver and control software through feature flags.

Supported Event Types

  • Custom/App Events
  • Screen Views

Supported User Identities

  • Customer ID
  • Email Address
  • Facebook ID
  • Google ID
  • Microsoft ID
  • mParticle ID (MPID)
  • Other
  • Other 2
  • Other 3
  • Other 4
  • Twitter Handle
  • Yahoo ID


In order to enable mParticle’s integration with LaunchDarkly, you will need to provide the specific user identifier you wish to use for exporting LaunchDarkly events.

Setup the Launch Darkly feed to get your key/secret. Enter these credentials into LaunchDarkly Data Export Destination form, selecting “mParticle” as the destination.

You also need to instrument your app with the LaunchDarkly SDK to send events.

Depending on your LaunchDarkly SDK implementation, when you create the mParticle destination in LaunchDarkly you may need to select different values for LaunchDarkly’s User Identifier and Anonymous User Identifier. Coordinate with your LaunchDarkly and mParticle account teams to confirm you are mapping user identities appropriately.

Reference LaunchDarkly’s documentation for more information on associating anonymous users with logged-in users.

Event Details

For more details on the events sent via this feed, see LaunchDarkly’s Documentation.

Event mParticle Event Attributes Description
Click custom_event project, environment, version, key, url, selector This event appears when a user clicks on a CSS selector for which they have configured a metric in an experiment.
Custom custom_event project, environment, version, key Describes an event generated by a LaunchDarkly SDK in response to a user calling the SDK’s “track” function.
Feature custom_event project, environment, version, flag_version, value, key, default, reason_kind, prerequisite_of, variation_name This event appears when a feature flag is evaluated.
Page View screen_view screen_name, project, environment, version, key, url This event appears when a user loads a page associated with an experiment metrics.
Event Attribute Description
default Whether the flag evaluation was a result of the default value being used. Is set to true if feature flag evaluation failed, if omitted assumed to be false.
environment ID of the LaunchDarkly environment associated with the event.
flag_version The version number of the flag when it was evaluated.
key The key of the feature flag requested.
prerequisite_of Set to another flag’s key if this flag evaluation was only performed in order to determine whether the prerequisite values were met for the indicated flag.
project ID of the LaunchDarkly project associated with the event.
reason_kind If a feature event was generated through a “variation detail” method, the event will have a reason property with the JSON representation of the evaluation reason.
screen_name URL stripped of query string.
selector The CSS selector that was clicked.
url The URL of the page the user was on when the click or page view occurred.
value The value of the feature flag returned by feature flag evaluation.
variation_name The evaluated variation’s name, if it exists. If the evaluated variation doesn’t have a name, this field doesn’t appear.
version The version of event schema.

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