Nanigans is a leader among ecommerce, gaming, and other pure-play internet companies, enabling in-house teams to take control of their advertising through sophisticated workflow automation, predictive optimization, deep data integrations, and real-time and lifetime reporting tools. Nanigans provides a platform that enables performance marketers to easily launch and manage ad campaigns on leading social media platforms, such as Facebook.

The Nanigans event integration supports the iOS and Android platforms.

Supported Features

  • Event Forwarding


To set up the Nanigans integration, you will need your Nanigans App ID.

Supported Identity Types

You must select one ID to forward to Nanigans as your user ID. You can choose from:

  • Customer ID (Hashed)
  • Customer ID (Raw)
  • Email address (Hashed)
  • mParticle ID

mParticle will only forward events to Nanigans if an IDFA is set for iOS and a Google Advertising ID is set for Android.

Supported Events

mParticle forwards the following event types to Nanigans:

  • Application State Transition
  • Custom Event
  • Commerce Event
  • First Run


Message Type Nanigans Mapping
AppInit message with ‘IsFirstRun’ set to true type = install, name = main
FirstRun message type = user, name = reg
AppFore message type = visit, name = dau
eCommerce transaction message type = purchase, name = main, value = RevenueAmount (converted based on Forward in Cents setting), sku = ProductSKU, unique = TransactionID. All other attributes will be forwarded
All other Custom Event messages type = user, name = name of the custom event. All attributes will be forwarded

Purchase and refund events will include all products when forwarded, but all other commerce events are expanded and sent as individual events.

Configuration Settings

Setting Name Data Type Default Value Description
App ID string A unique ID assigned by Nanigans for your site/application

Connection Settings

Setting Name Data Type Default Value Platform Description
User ID string mParticleId All Select which user identity will be forwarded to Nanigans as your customer’s user ID
Forward In Cents bool True All If enabled, all amounts will be forwarded to Nanigans in cents; otherwise all amounts will be forwarded as dollars

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