SessionM - Stronger customer relationships through smarter engagement.

Enable the Integration

  1. Set up a SessionM feed configuration in mParticle in order to generate API key/secret values.
  2. Contact your SessionM customer success team to initiate the install of the mParticle integration
  3. Define a list of SessionM profile attributes to send to mParticle and provide to SessionM
  4. Once installation is complete, both Tags and profile attributes will be sent to mParticle when updated

Supported Event Types

SessionM will send Custom Events of type Other to mParticle as defined below. Additional events and event attributes can be setup in SessionM.

Event Event Attributes
tag tag

Event Attributes

Attribute Name Description
tag The tag value will be unique per customer, and setup in SessionM

User Attributes

User Attributes will be custom based on your SessionM account. All attributes sent to mParticle will be formatted as SessionM_attribute. Below are some common examples of SessionM User Attributes.

User Attribute Type Description
SessionM_loyalty_opt_in Boolean Whether or not the customer has opted into the SessionM Loyalty Platform
SessionM_email_opt_in Boolean Whether or not the customer has opted into email communications
SessionM_Last_Store_Visit Integer The ID of the last store visited
SessionM_Loyalty_Points_Balance Integer The number of Loyalty points available to the customer
SessionM_Loyalty_Tier String The Loyalty Tier the customer belongs to

Supported Identities

User Identities

SessionM will send all data to mParticle using the mParticle identifier - MPID.

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