Wootric is the platform for boosting customer happiness. Collect customer feedback inside your web or mobile application using Net Promoter Score℠, track ongoing NPS®, follow up with customers, and quickly surface insights in an easy to use dashboard.

  • Collect customer feedback inside your web and native mobile apps.
    Still doing NPS via email? Wootric’s always-on, customizable surveys run inside your native iOS/Android mobile apps for a real-time, accurate measure of customer sentiment with off-the-charts response rates.
  • Prompt your promoters to spread the word.
    When a user scores you a 9 or 10, ask them to take action — tweet or review your app.
  • Align your team around boosting customer happiness.
    Run A/B happiness tests, segment NPS results, and get a single NPS view across all Web and mobile apps. Trigger customer reach-outs through Salesforce, Slack, Zendesk, Intercom.
  • Customer happiness is now simple and turnkey.
    Start winning customers for life in just five minutes.

This is a kit-only integration that solely supports client-side data forwarding.


In order to enable mParticle’s integration with Wootric, you will need your Account Token, Client ID and Client Secret from your Wootric account. These settings can be found on the settings page of the Wootric dashboard. The View the Wootric Install Guide link displays the Account Token and the API link displays the Client ID and Client Secret.

Account Token

Client ID Secret

Configuration Settings

Setting Name Data Type Default Value Description
Account Token string You can find your account token in your Wootric Settings under ‘View the Wootric Install Guide” It should look something like this: NPS-4aeb53c1.
Client ID string You can find your Client ID in your Wootric Settings > API
Client Secret string You can find your Client Secret in your Wootric Settings > API

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