Snap is a camera company whose flagship application Snapchat, the Spectacles product, and a variety of publisher tools provide brands a unique platform to reach targeted audience segments with engaging and personalized content.

The Snapchat Event Integration is supported for the iOS and Android platforms.


To enable the Snapchat Event Integration for iOS you will need your Apple App ID. Although you do not need any Snapchat-specific credentials, you should contact your Snapchat Account Manager to discuss setting up this integration.

Supported Identifiers

mParticle forwards raw values and a hashed device ids depending on the platform. Data without a device identifier will not be forwarded.

  • iOS - iOS Advertising ID, iOS IDFV
  • Android - Google Advertising ID

Supported Events

  • Application State Transition
  • Attribution Events
  • Commerce Events
  • Custom Event
  • Screen View

Event Mappings

mParticle supports standard event mappings for the following Snapchat event types:

Snapchat Event mParticle Event
APP_INSTALL Application State Transition with type is_first_run
PURCHASE Commerce event with purchase or refund action. Refund will generate an event with a negative total_amount.
START_CHECKOUT Commerce event with checkout action.
ADD_CART Commerce event with add_to_cart action.
VIEW_CONTENT Commerce event with view_detail action.
APP_OPEN Application State Transition with type foreground
PAGE_VIEW Screen View

Custom Mappings

In addition to the above events, you can also create Custom Mappings for the following Snapchat events. These events all support the Snapchat attributes category, category_id, content_id, content_type, and description. Some events support additional attributes as listed:

  • ADD_CART: currency, number_items, price
  • PURCHASE: currency, number_items, price
  • SAVE
  • SEARCH: search_string
  • SIGN_UP: sign_up_method
  • START_CHECKOUT: currency, number_items, price
  • VIEW_CONTENT: currency, number_items, price

Event Data Mapping

iOS14 Update for Device Data Mapping

The SnapChat att_status is set based on platform and os_version as follows:

platform os_version att_authorization_status
Android n/a AUTHORIZED

User Data Mappings

mParticle will send a variety of user data fields to SnapChat for advanced matching.

mParticle Field SnapChat Field Description
N/A partner Required. This is sent as mparticle.
device_info.platform platform Required. ios or android.
application_info.package app_id Required. If platform is ios, the Apple App Id connection setting value is used. If platform is android, the value will be set using the package field of application_info
device_info.ios_advertising_id, device_info.android_advertising_id device_id Required. If platform is ios, IDFA. If platform is android, Google Advertisting ID.
device_info.limit_ad_tracking limit_ad_tracking Required. Denotes if limit ad tracking is on; 1 for on, and 0 for off.
event_type conversion_event Required.
timestamp_unixtime_ms conversion_ts Required. Conversion timestamp in millisecond resolution (ex.1455236520490).
commerce_event.product_action.products number_items The value is the sum of the products.
commerce_event.product_action.total_amount price A negative number if value is refound (refound values are based on commerce_event.product_action.action)
commerce_event.currency_code currency Required if price is included. Currency in standard ISO 4217 code, for example EUR, USD, or JPY.
device_info.ios_idfv idfv If platform is ios, plain text IDFV is sent.
device_info.ios_idfv hashed_idfv SHA-256(LowerCase(IDFV))
device_info.product device_model URL encoded device model
device_info.os_version os_version Operating system version number
ip ip_address Hashed IP Address (SHA-256) of origin
ip plaintext_ip Plain text IP address of origin (IPv6 or IPv4 per request). IPv6 values must be the short version (according to RFC5952)and URL encoded.
device_info.http_header_user_agent user_agent URL encoded User Agent of origin

Configuration Settings

Setting Name Data Type Description
Snap App ID string Unique code provided by SnapChat to verify ownership of your apps.

Connection Settings

Setting Name Data Type Platform Description
Apple App Id string iOS Apple App ID

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