Regal is a next-gen customer engagement platform built for B2C services brands to proactively reach out to customers on voice and SMS before they buy elsewhere.

Enable the Integration

  1. Email to get your Regal API Key.
  2. Configure the Regal Event Integration via mParticle’s integration directory.
  3. Set the Regal API Key as the Authorization Header when configuring the Regal output.
  4. When connecting an input to your Regal output, enable or disable relevant connection settings.

Supported Platforms

  • Regal supports receiving data from any mParticle input platform or data feed.

Supported Identities

User Identities

  • Customer ID
  • Facebook ID
  • Facebook Audience ID
  • Twitter Handle
  • Google ID
  • Microsoft ID
  • Yahoo ID
  • Email Address
  • Other
  • Other 2
  • Other 3
  • Other 4
  • Other 5
  • Other 6
  • Other 7
  • Other 8
  • Other 9
  • Other 10
  • Mobile Telephone Number
  • Phone Number 2
  • Phone Number 3
  • mParticle ID

Device Identities

  • Android Device ID
  • Apple IDFA
  • Apple IDFV
  • Fire Advertising ID
  • Google Advertising ID
  • Roku Advertising ID
  • Roku Publisher ID

Supported Event Types

  • Commerce Event
  • Custom Event
  • Profile
  • Screen View
  • User Attribute Change
  • User Identity Change

Data Processing Notes

  • The JSON documentation describes the format data will be delivered to the Regal endpoint.


Configuration Settings

Setting Name Data Type Default Value Description
Authorization Header string The HTTP Authorization header to include with POST requests.
Include MP DeviceId bool True If enabled, MP DeviceId (Device Application Stamp) will be forwarded with event batches.

Connection Settings

Setting Name Data Type Default Value Platform Description
Send Custom Events bool True All If enabled, custom app events will be forwarded.
Send Commerce Events bool True All If enabled, commerce events will be forwarded.
Unique ID string All An optional string identifier for your app that will be forwarded with each event batch. Standard app identifiers (Apple OS Bundle ID, Android Package Name) will be forwarded regardless of this setting.
Metadata Field Exclusion Custom Field All A way to exclude specific fields of metadata properties (Device Name or IP Address) in the output.
Include Location Information bool True All If enabled, location data will be forwarded with event data whenever possible.
Include Metadata bool True All If enabled, the following metadata - application_info, device_info and source_info will be forwarded.

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