Track purchases, signups and conversions from Google Ads and create Customer Match lists for targeting.

This integration utilizes Google’s App Conversion Tracking and Remarketing API.


To use the Ads integration, you will need to create a Link ID for your Google Ads account.

Note that, apart from the Link ID, other settings are not required, and are only present in the Dashboard to support an older version of the integration used by a few legacy customers.

To use the Google Ads integration, you need to create a Link ID that allows mParticle to send data for your app.

  1. From the Google Ads dashboard, open the settings menu and select Linked Accounts

  2. On the Third-party app analytics tile, click Details, then select Create Link ID

  3. Under App analytics provider, select Other provider, and enter 4353943319 as the Provider ID. Select your app’s platform and find your app in the search box.

Required Fields

The Google Ads integration utilizes Google’s Mobile Apps Conversion Tracking and Remarketing API, which requires a correctly formatted User-Agent header, derived from information about the device.

If you are forwarding data collected by mParticle’s native SDKs, the required information is collected automatically. If you are sending information via our Events API, you will need to ensure the following fields are provided:

  • device_info.ios_advertising_id (iOS only)
  • device_info.os_version (iOS only) - iOS version number
  • device_info.android_advertising_id (Android only)
  • device_info.build_version_release (Android only) - Android version number
  • device_info.locale_language - 2-character ISO 639-1 Language Code
  • device_info.locale_country - 2-character ISO 3166-1 Country Code
  • device_info.device_model - Model of the device, e.g. iPhone6,1
  • application_info.application_version - Version number of your app
  • device_info.build_identifier - Build number of the operating system.

An Advertising ID is absolutely required and an error will be returned if one is not present. If other values are not present in a batch received via the Events API, mParticle will still attempt to construct a User Agent Header, based on default values. However, we cannot guarantee that this header will be accepted by Google Ads, so it is important to provide accurate values if possible.

Obtaining your build identifier

To obtain the device_info.build_identifier value:

String buildId = Build.ID;
@import Darwin.sys.sysctl;

NSString *buildId(void) {
  size_t bufferSize = 64;
  NSMutableData *buffer =
    [[NSMutableData alloc]
  int status =
      &bufferSize, NULL, 0);
  if (status != 0) {
    return nil;
  return [[NSString alloc]

Data Mapping

Google’s current conversion tracking API supports a standard list of event types. mParticle events are automatically mapped to the appropriate Google Ads events as follows.

Supported Events

Google Ads Event mParticle Event
first_open Application State Transition, where install is true and upgrade is false.
session_start Session Start
view_item Commerce Event with a Product Action type of view_detail
add_to_cart Commerce Event with a Product Action type of add_to_cart
ecommerce_purchase Commerce Event with a Product Action type of purchase
custom App Event

Unsupported Events

Google Ads Event Notes
in_app_purchase This event should be used only for purchase made in Google Play. For other purchases, use the ecommerce_purchase event.

Commerce Event Expansion

When forwarding Commerce Events, mParticle forwards the main event - ecommerce_purchase, add_to_cart, or view_item - including the event attributes and transaction ID, plus one custom event for each Product, including the event attributes, product attributes and the Transaction ID.

Attribute Mapping

Google Ads Attribute mParticle Attribute
app_event_name event_name (for App Event only)
rdid (Raw Device ID) ios_advertising_id or android_advertising_id
id_type "idfa" (iOS) OR "advertisingid" (Android)
lat device_info.limit_ad_tracking
app_version application_info.version
os_version device_info.version_release (iOS) OR device_info.version_release (Android)
sdk_version "mparticle-sdk-i-v<device_info.sdk_version>" (iOS) OR "mparticle-sdk-a-v<device_info.sdk_version>" (Android)
timestamp timestamp_unixtime_ms
value product_action.total_amount (purchase only)
currency_code currency_code

Configuration Settings

Setting Name Data Type Default Value Description
Conversion ID string The conversion ID provided in your Google Ads conversion tracking code snippet - Legacy Only
App Install Conversion Label string The label provided in your Google Ads conversion tracking code snippet for app installs. This setting does not apply to Web apps - Legacy Only

Connection Settings

Setting Name Data Type Default Value Platform Description
Labels Custom Field All The mapping of your events to Google Ads conversion labels provided in the Google Ads conversion actions section under the ‘Set up your tracking method’ heading - Legacy Only
Link ID string All The Link ID is a unique identifier for binding a specific app to a specific Developer Token.
Custom Parameters Custom Field Web The mapping of your event attributes to Google Ads custom parameters as setup in the the tracking template field under Campaign Advanced Settings. (Max # of Mappings Allowed: 3)
Remarketing Only bool False Web If enabled, the integration is set to remarketing only mode which allows you to improve your marketing campaign’s targeting.

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